Tuesday, March 20, 2012

May--Mother's Day Crafts


Click here for Mirror Pattern:

Mother's Day Flower Photo Vase

Mother's Day Tea


Button Bracelet

Tulip Mother's Day Card
Mother's Day Tulip Card 

Inspiration Photo
Re-Create this craft with construction paper or felt, lace, ribbon, buttons & glue. Use photo of child, if available photo of child with Mother.

Mother's Day Purse
For Older kids- Open to a Story about "My Mom"
Younger kids - Open to a drawing of " Mommy & Me"

Chalk Board Pottery
Paint Pot with Chalk Board Paint Using Sponge Brush
Fill with Paper Flowers


Mother's Day "WOW MOM" Card Craft


Bouquet of (Tissue) Flowers
If Vase not available wrap in paper like a real bouquet of flowers with Love note from student.

Mom "You Rock" Paperweight
Create your own unique Design

Mom u Rock Paperweight materials Mom u Rock Paperweight


Loving Notes Jar Present for Mom 

Make a Flower Cone to Fill with Flowers

Flower Cones to Make
Get out some decorative paper or construction paper and cut out 2 1/2" from construction paper for the handle...check out the pictures above. Now you have a square and a handle. If your paper was bigger than a normal piece of construction paper, then cut down your paper until you have a square piece of paper. Now fold the square into a cone, overlap the paper and staple together. Now use the handle piece and staple that on the top of the cone

Make Mom a Potpourri Sachet Gift

Make Mom a Potpourri Sachet Gift
You will need Two 4" squares of small mesh netting, 1 yard colored yarn or ribbon, and potpourri filling. Cut netting any shape desired. Lace netting together along 3 sides with yarn or ribbon. Place potpourri between netting and complete lacing. Tie lacing in bow and loop over hanger.

House of LOVE
Mother's Day Card

Photo House Card 

Pussy Willow Gift Made From Cotton Swabs
Homegrown Pussy Willows Step 2 - Homegrown Pussy Willows

 Chore Card Gift
Flowers have chores written in the back 
which child promises to do for Mom 
Chore Card Chore Card

Lollipop Bouquet


Coffee Filter Sun Flower Craft
Option: Place photo of Child in middle of flower
With a Note (Mom,You are my Sunshine)

Make A Vase for Paper Flowers

Plaster of Paris


plaster of paris handprint wallhanging 

Printable Hand Print Poem

Kisses for Mom
spoonful of kisses
 “A spoonful of love

And a couple of wishes

Please enjoy your

Mother’s Day Kisses!”

Yarn Hearts
For Smaller children, start it off by securing the first yarn wrap, then have kids continue. Tuck a Photo inside of Child holding a sign that says "I love you" or "Happy Mother's Day"

Gifts Kids Can Make: DIY Modern Art Plates

kids modern art project Gifts Kids Can Make: DIY Modern Art Plates marimekko design diy Gifts Kids Can Make: DIY Modern Art Plates


Hand Print Flower Pot

SchoolCenter Picture

Link to Print "Mother's Day Poem":


  1. All the cratfs looks great. Kids' will love it!!!

    Easter Crafts

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  3. Only a teacher can appreciate how hard it may be to collect all this staff.
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  4. Great gifts! Another good one for small kids is http://www.weewonderfuls.com/2012/04/mothers-day-presents-with-martha-stewart-craft-paint.html

  5. So many cute ideas all in one place! Thank you for collecting and sharing (and including my post as well!!!) I'm your newest follower.


  6. so many cute ideas and stuff..thanks for sharing it as i might need it when design Gift Card envelopes.

  7. I've been searching for some good and creative mothers day ideas for kids and I've found this page. I must say that these are great ideas and treats for mom. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. How I love these beautiful and cute mothers day cards. Love all those sweet notes and Mothers day messages written on them. Thanks for sharing!

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